Listverse Hater Kitten

Please don’t send me hate messages – I adore Listverse. This was just a funny idea I decided to go with after Jamie Frater posted a photo of his cat, Dexter. I’m making fun of the haters, not joining them. Enjoy…





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(via Too Sexy For My Wand.)

I ❤ Alex.

That's right chickens, Alex has a new video! 😀 … Read More

via Too Sexy For My Wand.

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Guess I’m a “blogger” now…

Yeah, I’m going to give this a shot and will hopefully have something new to add daily. I know dick about making my page look awesome – sorry about that. I do wonder how many people will see this, but I’m not looking to get famous here. Have fun, send me cool stuff you find, say hello, ask questions; stay awesome!

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Looks like Simon is a Dr. Who fan…

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